Guest Guide

Guest Policy

  • Visiting hours are between 10:00 - 22:00 everyday,
  • Adult Intensive Care Unit's visiting hours are between 14:00 - 14:05, visiting period is limited with 3 minutes,
  • Please do not bring flowers and food while visiting
  • Please do not sit on patients' beds,
  • Please do not talk loudly and disturb other patients,
  • Please do not use alcohol or tobacco products at hospital (legal provisions will be applied to those who use),
  • For the patient's good there should be at most 3 people in the room simultaneously, Please be sensitive about this subject,
  • Please keep the hospital's equipments and property tidy and clean (Visitor/companions who damage the hospital's property are going to be responsible for compensation)

Responsibilities of Patients and Patients' Relatives

  • Since evaluation of patient's and relatives' heatlh information is required for providing diagnosis and treatment, it is the responsibility of patient and relatives to transfer these information complete and accurate to the people who is responsible of patient.
  • When the patient and relatives have difficulties of understanding diagnosis and treatment, this situation must be reported to people who are responsible for caring of patient and all the questions should be asked.
  • During the treatment and observation, patient and relatives must report the unexpected developments to the responsible people.
  • Patients and relatives should report to related personnel who takes care of the patient that they confirm or they don't, after being informed about the medical conditions of the patient and evaluating whether they understood the explanations right or not.
  • About the subjects that are necessary and related to patient's health, the relatives should report to institution for reaching related people and how to utilize from them.
  • In case of changing basic informations such as name, surname, address, telephone, registration number, the facility should be informed.
  • The financial responsibility of health services belong to those who use services as patients and relatives
  • Patient and relatives must consider rights of other patients and medical crew.