Room Usage & Patient Information Guide

We would like to remind some rules for the health and safety of the patients and their relatives during their stay:

Patient Bed

Use the direction buttons on the remote control, to give a suitable position to the patient. In case you have a problem, please apply to the clinical nurse. Doctor’s visits are done twice a day.

Companion Bed

Ask help from a clinical nurse or a service assistant for getting the bed prepared.

Nurse Calling System

There are calling systems available in two different areas for the nurses to reach you when you need.

       is enough for our nurses to hear your call.


There is a television available in your room, which you can use with remote control.


Your extension number is the same as your room number. Push the button “Vı” to get the tone. During your stay in your room, you can make two external calls. We remind you that the additional calls will be written on your bill.


There is a wardrobe available in your room for you to put your belongings like your clothes inside.

Personal Belongings

Keep your bag, wallet and valuable belongings with you; our hospital has no responsibility in case of loss.


Bed linens of our patients and their companions are replaced daily; room, bathroom and toilets are cleaned by service members twice or more often when necessary.

Food Service

*It is inappropriate to bring food from outside.

"Patient diet menus are determined by our doctor and dietician.

When you have questions about the nurition and the problems about the food, our dietician is your nearest advisor. You can make an appointment to meet with our dietician.

* Meal times for patients and their companions:

07:30-08:15 11:30-12:15 17:15-18:00

Cafeteria Service

Visitation Rules

Our Cafeteria, which provides our guests to have a food service in a comfortable environment, is located at the ground floor. Cafeteria and the room service is serving everyday between the hours of 07:00 – 22:00. Cafeteria extension: 1027

Visitation Hours and Visitation Policy

Every patient can have only one companion. Visitation hours are, everyday between 10:00-22:00. We believe that you will help to the nurses and the security personal to have a maximum of 3 people at the same time at the patient’s room, including the companion.

Visiting Hours of Special Units:

Adult intensive care unit visiting hours are between 14:00-14:05. Visit time is limited to 3 minutes.

Informing The Relatives of Patients in Operations

The patients’ relatives can follow up the informations about their patients on the available monitor in the surgery waiting room. After the operation, you can get the detailed information from your doctor.

Parking Service

Parking service is provided for 24 hours for a fee . We kindly request the visitors and companions not to park their vehicles in front of the hospital.

Mosque Service

Our hospital mosque is on the 4th floor.

Accompanying Rules