Nursing Services

Regarding the nursing care, a leadership is adopted which supports the continuous professional development. For nursing career to embrace the future, the professional values of the occupation, its applications, researches, education, knowledge, scientification process and settlement of the research culture are supported.

Nursing Service Management, makes nurse planning proportional to the number of patiens about determining patient-nurse relationship ratio on the basis of quality and quantity based on the way of approach of the quality principles.

According to basic nursing concepts, about the patients rights, to provide the expectations of patients and their relatives, and the changing health needs of patients, is being served professionally suitable to the quality standarts. They evaluate the patient in physically, psychological and social points of view, with a holistic approach to care, and they give patient care as actual evidence based information.

For our nurses who are the part of the treatment and care team, to provide qualified services, to be aware of responsibilities, to be aware of the value of human life, to act in accordance to code of ethics, to be a moral, informed conscientious person, are the most basic behavior patterns.

Our nursing team adopted the targeting approaches such as maximum efficiency, patient satisfaction and protection with the positive work environment and they had nursing education using the related actual informations to develop the quality of nursing services.

Nursing Service Areas:

Surgery Nursing  Emergency Nursing  Newborn Intensive Care Nursing
Adult Intensive Care Nursing  Newborn Intensive Care Nursing  Gynecology and Obstetrics