Heart Attack

Heart vessels are coronary arteries that feed heart itself. As the main blood vessel aorta which comes out of heart pumps blood to whole body, it also gives the coronary arteries that are called heart vessels around heart and provides feeding for heart. These heart vessels are three main blood vessels. They feed back, right and left sides of heart. In these blood vessels there occurs vessel hardening which is atherosclerosis, inside these, there are platters that are made of fat get torn apart and cause blood vessel to get blocked by a plug that is made of blood clot or fat due to stress or another reason.

Due to the fact that these vessels feed heart and blood stream for the heart will not continue, the heart cells that are being fed by these vessels start to die. At this period first hours are so critical and when blood stream isn't at the feeding area where the vessel is fed, the cells around this area will face death. This situation is named as Heart Attack.

When a heart attack occurs, person might face heart damaging and malfunction of heart along with deaths due to the dead cells later in person's life. Therefore, this causes to fatigue, shortness of breath, rhythm disorder of heart.


The coronary heart diseases which cause heart attack are one of the primary health problems in the world and in our country. Due to the fact that this disease usually related to aging , all the population is eventually a candidate for heart attack except some people have higher risks.

People with high risk of heart attack :



  1. Drink green tea.
  2. Read the labels of food product packages.
  3. Get the mediterranean style diet, with plenty of olive oil.
  4. Sleep at least 7 hours a day.
  5. Eat fibrous food.
  6. Eat fish at least once a week.
  7. Keep yourself away from every processed food product. Eat natural.
  8. Spare half of your food for vegetables.
  9. Consume nuts and walnuts.
  10. Walk at least 20 minutes everyday.
  11. Stay away from margarines. Use butter without exaggeration.
  12. Consume 2 tablespoons of flax seed everyday.
  13. Do stretching before sleeping and after waking up.
  14. Eat plenty of every green leafed vegetable.
  15. Consume plenty of soy.
  16. Use garlic in your meals.
  17. Make your exercises fun while joining different activities.
  18. Spare 5 to 10 minutes of yours for meditation everyday.
  19. Improve your spirituality.
  20. Do not deceive yourself, the biggest reason for stress is to be in an unwanted situation.
  21. Do not neglect your family and friends.
  22. Use fish oil supplementation and Vitamin D.
  23. Do little surprise for your partner, a healthy relationship reduces stress.
  24. Eat a little amount of bitter chocolate everyday.
  25. Keep yourself away from smokers.
  26. Get your blood pressure measured regularly. If it's higher than 130/80mmHG consult your doctor.
  27. Get your sugar and cholesterol values measured at regular intervals.
  28. If there are people who had heart attack or having heart disease in your family, get examined by your doctor regularly.