Patient Rights

Everyone who applies to a medical institution has the following rights:

Benefit from service in general: Within the principles of law and justice, taking advantages of activities which encourage the person to have a healthy life and protective medical services.

Equality in accessing the services: Receiving the services irrespective of race, language, religion, sect, gender, political thoughts, philosophical belief, economical and social situations.

Information: To know what all kind of services and possibilities exist.

Choosing and changing the Establishment: Benefit from choosing and changing the medical establishment and receiving the medical services from the chosen medical institute.

Identifying, choosing and changing the staff: Learning the duties, titles, identities of the physicians and medical staff who will provide medical services, and to choose or replace them.

Asking for Information: To ask for all kinds of written and oral information about the state of health

Privacy: Receiving all kinds of medical services in an environment which is suitable for privacy.

Consent and Permission: Taking permission on medical interventions and having the service under the consent of the patient.

Refusal and Cancellation: Refusing the treatment and asking it to be stopped.

Safety: Having medical service in a secure environment.

Fulfilling the religious duties: To be able fulfill the religious duties by the possibilities of establishment and under the precautions which are taken by administration.

Respect: To get a friendly, gentle service with respect, care and solicitude.

Comfort: Having a service in a place, which has been cleared of disturbing factors such as noise, and being provided all kind of hygienic conditions.

Visit: Accepting visitors according to the terms and procedures determined by establishment and institutions.

Having a Companion: Asking for a companion within the extend of possibilities of the medical institution and regulations and with the approval of the physician.

Application, complaint and lawsuit rights: In the case of infringement of rights, all kinds of applications, complaints, and lawsuits can be used within the framework of the legislation.

Continuous Service: Receiving medical services as long as necessary.


Responsibilities of Patients and Patient Relatives

Since it is necessary to evaluate the patients’ and their relatives’ health information necessary to provide diagnosis and treatment, the responsibility of completely and correctly informing the people , who are responsible for the treatment and care of the patient, belongs to the patients and their relatives.

When the patients and their relatives have difficulties in understanding the explanations about the diagnosis and treatment, they should inform this situation to people, who are responsible for the patient’s care and should ask all kinds of questions about the situation.

Patients and their relatives should inform the people who are responsible for the patient’s care the unexpected advances, which they encounter during the treatment and follow-up process,.

After the patients and their relatives have been informed and after they have evaluated the patient’s medical condition with people who are responsible for the patient’s care whether they understood or not, they should join to the decisions actively and should report if they approve the treatment .

About the subjects related to patient’s health and necessities, it should be asked to the establishment how to access the related units and how to benefit from these.

In case of changes in the basic information such as the name, surname, address, call number, registration number, the patient and the patient’s relatives should inform the establishment.

Patients and their relatives should stick to the appointment time, prevent the delays, and in case of delays, they should help the establishment in giving priority to other patients.

The financial responsibility of the medical services received and the issues related to the social security system, belong to the patients and their relatives.

Patients and their relatives should take into account the rights of other patients and medical staff.