Genital Aesthetic Surgery

A woman who is dissatisfied with her genital organ is dissatisfied with her sexual life too,

We know that some young ladies congenitally and many women with the forcing effect of normal birth are complaining of their genital organ. Development of information network and communication tools to reach people all over the world increased the awareness of women at this subject along with desire of having it fixed. This subject which was being talked at gynecologists discreetly is being spoken at T.V programs open-mindedly.

Surgeries done in this field can be classifed as follows:

Vaginal Contraction

Generally during normal birth the muscles and connective tissues get loose by the extreme force of giving birth. If the woman has congenital ligament insufficiency this loosening might advance. From light loosening to uterus prolapse different degrees can be seen. Mostly bladder prolapse and urinary incontinence accompany vaginal dilation. With a densification operation inside the vagina that won't be noticed from outside the muscles are thickened and the lining skin surplus is taken out. For the urinary incontinence usually the prosthesis implementation is done. (TOT, Sling, TVT surgeries)

Labial Plasty

Inner lips which are inside outer lips are genetically so long and droopy at some women. Sometimes by the gravity and sometimes while getting torn apart during birth, labia's view turns into an unwanted image. The problem is not only visual but also it causes problems at sexual intercourse and result of friction by the thick clothes and underwears it makes skin irritation. The loose inner lips are cut properly and and stitched up with absorbable suture material.


The curled skin piece on the clitoris can be floppy and wider than usual.This is both an unwanted view and can cause arousal problem. This problem can be resolved with a brief surgical application.

Hymen Fixing / Hymenoplasty

When the hymen is functionally a piece of a curled skin that blocks the microbes to get inside the vagina which is lack of protective hormonal layer, it has been also a symbol of virginity in some societies. The gap in the middle which is for vaginal excretion and menstrual bleeding to drain out can be as wide and flexible as it allows sexual intercourse. The hymen which is congenitally flexible or was torn with previous sexual intercourse can be configurated enough to bleed again at coitus.

All these surgical applications can be easily implemented at some by local anesthesia and mostly spinal or general anesthesia. Unlike other surgeries these ones have little risk. Aftermath of the surgery is comfortable and regeneration is provided in short time. It would be enough for the patients to do dressing to themselves when the absorbable materials are used.