Today, although the medical world has made even quite a progress, the main goal remains to prevent the occurrence of diseases and to provide early diagnosis to those.

Diseases may not show clear symptoms; in fact they can occur insidiously. Therefore you need to get information about your health regularly, even if you have no complaints. Especially in case of genetical diseases, which effect human health at critical level such as, hypertension, coronary heart disease, cancer (breast, colon, cervix) the frequency of check up must be increased and be more careful. Gender, race, age, social life and habits are risk factors for diseases to occur as importantly as genetical issues. While having your check-up done, it is important to know which diseases you are at risk of having and to get scanned related to these risks. As health screening, check up moves in at this point. It is crucial for an individual to get checked up annually. Check-up programs have been prepared for this purpose. You can get detailed information from our special section about the Check-up programs that we have created for you.

On the appointment day, the check up attendant meets you and accompanies you with the next processes. Check-up examinations start at 08:30 and last for half a day. On the assigned day our Specialist Doctor evaluates the results. At the conclusion interview your doctor explains the symptoms, findings and his/her suggestions.