Opr. Dr. Faruk YERLİOĞLU


Why Rumeli,

Rumeli word is not a word chosen by random. Rumeli means a rooted past, climbing, success, struggle, rise of the national feelings, knowing the friend and foe and rebirth.

Why Rumeli? To get our place between private hospitals which is the most important ring ,while Turkey’s health sector is reoconstructed. Rumeli, because to serve our people who deserves the top level medical service, above the world standards, with evolved technologic infrastructure, doctors and medical staff who proved themselves at their profession and experienced management team.

Why Rumeli? Rumeli, because, it is and will be the adress of serving the health service to protect the friendship, brotherhood, love, respect and medical ethics.

Rumeli, because, to struggle with the negative table which attacks the medical sector and medical staff begun in 1980's and progressing even today. Rumeli because, to stand between the hospitals, which has been founded with high fund and commercial purposes with honor.

As the Rumeli team we never see our patients as a customer and never will. We want you to know you have friends and allies in İstanbul Küçükçekmece Sefaköy.

I want to thank again our board of management and our management and administrative staff,all the medical staff but the most important our physicians.

With my love and respects
Op. Dr. R. Faruk YERLİOĞLU

Tahsin Çağrı DÜNDAR


Radical changes of the knowledge era, offers elements which is interesting and affecting the social life.. Hospital phenomenon, reminds us one more time about the importance of the medical institutions with life phliosophy which reminds us where it begins and where it ends.

We used our investment philosophy and practical applications as a background which serves the health as an exit point. Our principals lighted our way of working with considering the human factor. The main factors we focus on are the patient-client differentiation, medical services, information, care and comfort.

Our most important quality standard is to provide a superior medical service to a person who is a customer. Providing the most quaility diagnosis and treatment to those people who entrusted their health to us, is an indispensable mission for all of our staff.

Our patients’ physical, psychological, and social needs, gives us a way in our works. To obey quality standards, personal values, and to serve with considering the economic conditions are the main principles of Rumeli Hospital. Forward-looking improving profession training has been provided professionally in our institution.

Our doctors are working with the cooperation of the other medical institutions and hospitals, and serve without private hospital anxiety. We are aiming the guarantee of efficient and long-term success also in public space.

  • Early Diagnosis ,
  • Correct Treatment and
  • Complete care
are our main principles.

Like all health institutions, it is a prayer to be in service of mankind but,

"Our team creates the difference"

Tahsin Çağrı DÜNDAR